Monday, July 13, 2015

If Romney & Gingrich Had Had Half Trump's Moxie USA Would Be Better Place

The media's unrelenting vicious attack on Donald trump continues apace. I detailed  just some of the Left media's attacks and the GOP Establishments fulminations over a twenty four hour period, and nothing has changed except the tempo has increased in its surliness and hate with Karl Rove now joining in.

The wilder fringes of the media are now running with the absurd notion that Trump is either a Democratic Party "plant" or that he is running to secretly destroy the GOP to enhance Hillary's prospects. We have not seen the likes of this since the media and the "progressive" left went totally berserk after Sarah Palin was chosen as VP nominee in 2008

All these 'worthies" are doing is absolutely cementing in place that the media is a tool of the Establishment, both the liberal and GOP country club versions. The attacks are, of course, also rocketing Trump to now, first place in the polls ahead of Jeb Bush, as the base clearly sees who is the enemy and who is speaking to and for them.

Whether Trumps ascendancy continues in the long run is to be seen of course, there might be a brief hiatus as Governor Walker becomes "candidate of the week" and has a brief honeymoon blip upwards after his official announcement of candidacy as has been the case for nearly all previous candidates.

However whatever the eventual result for Trump he has provided a valuable service in exposing the media, warts and all, as utterly biased tools of the Establishment on left and "right,'

He has also brought the campaign out of its somnambulist boring path and made the other candidates have to face the issue of immigration which clearly resonates with a vast swathe of the public as well as, of course, the base. 

But perhaps more than anything else Trump has highlighted that the GOP needs, and responds to a candidate that fights. This Spanish language conservative site has run three articles (translatable) using Lincoln's words about Grant "I can't spare this man-he fights" to promote those virtues in Trump.

There are, no better illustrations of the difference that having  candidate that fights, no matter the elites disdain, is vital to winning than the Gingrich/Romney campaigns in 2012. Gingrich rocketed to mass support in the South Carolina primary after he took to the media, in exactly the same way Trump has, during the candidates debate in that state-winning the subsequent election in a landslide. 

He then completely wimped out in the following primary in  Florida where he let Romney's massive media spend, and the media's attack on his perfectly valid call for further space exploration, destroy him without fighting back hard-he was effectively finished from that point on.

Similarly Romney absolutely caned President Obama in their first debate and then, oddly, let the momentum go by, inexplicably playing Mr.Nice Guy in the subsequent debates instead of doubling down and going for the jugular. 

John McCain could be added to this sorry list of examples of not fighting as hard as possible when he "suspended" his 2008 campaign after leading in the polls-never to recover.

The point is that it is unimaginable that Trump would have wimped out in the manner of Gingrich, Romney and McCain if those same moments had occurred with him as the candidate. It is imaginable that Jeb Bush would play the Romney role though and with so much stake against Hillary there is no room for someone as the nominee who will not fight and fight hard, exactly like Trump (or Palin for example, I could not imagine a scenario where she too would cave in). 

If a "Trump" had run in 2012 (or 2008) America would be a much different, and much better place, it would be tragic if the same will be said in 2017.