Sunday, July 12, 2015

Trump Twists Knife Into Arrogant, Dying Breed, Media

Update; here's Washington Post's political creep in chief Dana Milbank completely proving my point :

Donald Trump as a “rotten pig,” a “fraud (Via Breitbart)

In his speech in Arizona Donald Trump actually made an error in his reference to the media. He advised that, in my interpretation in essence,  that they were all no good, biased and distorters. He then qualified the statement by advising that "not all journalists" were as I describe them based on my interpretation of his comment.

I am being overly cautions of course in presenting my analysis of what to anyone who was listening was Trump stating the obvious. Where I differ with Mr. Trump is that I don't think a single one of the so called objective media is anything but as I describe them. The only possible qualification I can make to that is that, amongst the genuinely objective journalists there are indeed some who are manifestly fair and honest.

But amongst the so called objective media there has been an unrelenting cascade of utter elitist snobbery, hate, bias and distortion the likes which have not been seen since August 2008 when the rat pack descended en-mass on Governor Palin. Like Palin though, Trump has hit right back at them and is utterly undaunted, unmoved and unmovable by them.

Trump's rise in the polls to now virtual tie in the latest and to second place just behind Bush in the 'Real Clear Politics' average of the two latest nationwide polls clearly indicates the absolute lack of power the traditional media now has.

I have reviewed the most prominent recent media articles about Trump and every single one is full of abject scorn, derision and bias. Actually this level of elitist scorn predates his candidacy, and so sure of their prophetic ability a number printed articles basically stating he would not run (Crow Eating For time for "Trump Won't Run "Michael Scherer/Matt Bai/Kyle Smith/Teagan Goddard et al) and the whole idea was just a publicity stunt. When he did announce they then declared he would not register-which of course he did and of course there has been silence from the arrogant media with no acknowledgement of their errors.

Here are just a few examples-over the last two days alone

Dana Milbank/Noah Rothman/John Fund/Mataconis/Tomasky et al.Proof he's doing something right
The Monster Republicans Created - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
Trump Is Perfectly Willing to Help Clinton Win - John Fund, Natl Review

The Right Way to Condemn Donald Trump - Noah Rothman, Commentary

New York Times "Can’t Fire Him: Republican Party Frets Over What to Do With Trump"

'New Yorker' runs obligatory hate piece in measured East Coast elite viciousness "

The Trump Balloon


(The execrable )David Brooks "Republican party needs to ignore Donald Trump."

Maxwell Tani / Business Insider:

Jonah Goldberg at NRO is a classic piece or elitism
"I, on the other hand, find him tedious, tacky, and trite. He’s a bore who overcompensates for his insecurities by talking about how awesome he is, often in the third person."

Read more at:
Jonah Goldberg

Michael Bender at Bloomberg concludes his article  (which actually commences in the headline "Anti-Trump"-perhaps there is an honest journalist after all?Anti-Trump

Is Donald Trump Helping the Bush Brand?

 with a statement from just somebody " "I don’t want to see Trump," he offered. "That’s a waste of my time."

The media are just too arrogant, or dumb or both in many cases, to understand that such a gross spectacle of piling on only reinforces the base, the ones that actually go out and vote in the primaries, clear understanding that the media hates them. They, not Trump (as Lindsey Graham idiotically stated Trump was) are in a hole digging themselves, not to China, but to Hell.