Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Redux:The Day The "Progressive" Fools Idol Called "Obama" Vanished

From my article originally published at Bob Belvedere's: 
"The Camp Of The Saints"

The Day The "Progressive" Fools Idol Called "Obama" Vanished

I take no pleasure in seeing the idol statue that the progressive left called "Senator Barack Obama" (the real person bearing no resemblance to the idol of course) in 2008 finally come crashing down on their collective heads.

Normally to see the foolish "progressives' the denizens of such Blog sites as 'Daily Kos' and 'Wonkette' come a cropper would be a chance for rejoicing with a soupçon  of withering sarcasm. However the regime they, and of course their enablers in the media, inflicted on the country for seven years takes the edge off any such opportunity for gloating.

There is no need to catalog all the media distortions, willful blindness and outright fabrications thrown the McCain Palin team in their pursuit of "Obama" being elected at all costs-it has been so drearily rehashed. Further, the same media people exhibit not the slightest bit of shame for their destroying what shreds of honesty and respect their profession had as they go about trying to elect Hillary, so there is no calling them to any account they would heed.

That all these forces reign of error is, thankfully and at long last, coming to an end has been nobly and minutely covered by Kevin Williamson at National Review "We have officially reached peak leftism." It is an awful catalog of dreary dogmatism run wild leading to a final spasm of revengeful idiocy (e.g. "rampant campus rape" "bakers being locked up") as he catalogs. 

Hopefully this sad but required reading will serve as a cautionary tale for future generations who might be tempted by similar "Obama" like siren calls.

That the same forces who rejected Hillary for Obama now have to take up the cudgels for her is of course just another example of the ludicrous situation. But the final act in this tragedy is the

"Republican-led Congress hands Obama major win on trade"

So in the near final act of this charade the person the progressives put in office (with the help of more Wall St. Money then ever before-Obama was the first Dem to get more cash from that quarter than the Republican) gets anti-labor legislation passed by the Republicans! That'll learn the fools (which is what they are-fooled fools).

All that energy  wasted, all the hopes and dreams and dreams, which is all that they were, of "we are the ones we have been waiting for" of the "waters receding and the planet healing" (it's hard to write that last with a straight face) have come to naught.

Well not exactly naught the country has to pick up the pieces from a failed experiment in pseudo-progressivism that's why one can't revel in the downfall of the fools.