Thursday, July 30, 2015

Updated; Now 30! Stages Of The Media's Trump Memes From "He Won't Run To Ummm"

 UPDATE; We have a first!
Chris Cillizza first of Beltway Journo's to apologize for Trump superciliousness.May be only one as others (plenty of them) too cowardly.Cillizza says 'wrong on Trump as never seen a reversal of form like it before" Missed point reversal was because base hates Journo's

We've seen over the last few weeks

1.Trump won't run-it's a publicity 

2.OK Trump has announced but he will 
pull out soon

3.OK Trump hasn't pulled out but he's 
not serious as he hasn't filed

4.OK he filed but he will never release his financial position

5.OK he released his financial position but he will go nowhere in the polls

6. OK he's leading in the polls but his McCain remarks means he's finished

7.OK the McCain remarks didn't' hurt 
him but he will never pass Bush in the nationwide polls

8.OK he's now number one in the polls nationwide and in New Hampshire but it won't last

9. The rape/breast pump etc etc scandals will destroy him

10. Ummmmm


UPDATE;From Breitbart the usual suspects :insiders" add four more memes.(H/T Mr.Cornelius Korn)

11.“No meteor or political candidate burns that brightly and survives very long.”

12.“Unscripted, he will crash and burn by Thanksgiving.”

13.“Flavor of the month.”

14.“Campaign will probably die of a self-inflicted wound.”


16."TRUMP IS DAMAGING THE GOP BRAND" Bill Scher at Politico

17."Trump's Endorsement of Palin proves he isn't serious about the presidency"

18. "Haley Barbour (Boss Hawg) is in a panic on MSNBC tonite. MSNBC! Whining the Trump is not a real Republican."

19. "Trump Can't get The Hispanic Vote" 

             "BOOM – Univision Reluctantly Reports Donald Trump Leading With Latino Republicans"

20;One argument for dismissing Donald Trump's rise is that we've seen this movie — or at least this trashy reality show (Ezra Klein 'Vox'.) 

A tip for Vox's Ezra Klein. This ain't 2008 or even 2012 your "JournOlist" mob has zero effect on Trump Spleen away, nobody cares

21:"KRAUTHAMMER: "The real story is the collapse of Trump in this debate."
We've seen the post debate polls which swiftly put an end to this meme

22; "Trump has no governing or elective experience."
 (And thank goodness if previous history in the presidency, especially the current occupant, is an example. This article knocks that meme stone dead.

23. Trump is a misogynist "I stand with Megyn" (So says Carly Fiorina)

Oh please.

24;"The Trump Campaign Has Descended Into Civil War"
New York magazine"
Their best shot? Pathetic

25. "Trump's Poll lead is Over!!


Tapper Breaks New CNN/ORC Poll Showing Trump on Top: "Once Again, The Pundits Were All Wrong"

26. "Trump is unelectable-can't beat Hillary he 10 points behind her"

Trump within 3 points of Hillary. Pundits about to flush themselves down toilet"

27. "Trump is running in name only he won't mount a serious campaign"

Washington Post Costa report:
"Iowa surprise: Donald Trump is actually trying to win"

28."Heard RINO Pundit on TV yesterday 
explaining that is only popular because he is the latest shiny thing for us to look at. "

29. "Trump is all just bluster there's no substance, he will only talk in generalities and won't have any substantive policies"

"Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump Sunday released his campaign’s immigration policy  which includes ending birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants."

30. "Trump versus Hillary is a joke she would beat him in a landslide"

CNN Poll June 26th       
Clinton 59  Trump 35  Clinton + 24
Fox Poll August 18th   
Clinton 47   Trump 42  Clinton +   5