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Translated From Spanish; Trump "I Can't Spare This Man... He Fights (Lincoln)

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In 1862, the American Civil War was in full swing, but things did not look good for unionists. In the east, the main army, the Army of the Potomac, badly led by General McClellan, an excellent organizer of armies, but a disaster as a general in the field, harvesting defeat after defeat at the hands of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, superbly directed by theGeneral Lee. However, in the west, the picture was different: there were other general, less likely to compromise and to seek victory, and one of them, General Grant, chained a series of victories taking Fort Henry and Fort Donelson in February That same year, they raised the spirits of everyone in Washington. Then in April, Grant won the battle of Shiloh, where after a day of fighting in which Union troops were overcome by the Confederate, Grant refused to concede defeat and retire, as he would no doubt McClellan. Rather, Grant, effectively seconded by another general as bully like him, Sherman, gritted his teeth and fought back the next day with all his might, beating fledged the Confederates and putting to flight, leaving it as the undisputed winner battle. However, human losses were considerable and some in Washington, convinced that it is possible to make an omelette without breaking eggs, they rushed to the White House to see President Lincoln, demanding that Grant relieved of command. Lincoln listened attentively, and finally thought, surely recalling the long series of defeats harvested by McClellan for his unwillingness to fight, he made a decision, telling his visitors: "I can not spare This Man; I have fights "[" I can not spare this man; he fights. "]
Some of you will know of the controversy in the United States recently by certain statements made by Donald Trump, the entrepreneur candidate to the presidency by the Republican Party. Others, however, will know nothing or know little; Just in case that Trump is a "racist" who has "insulted" the Mexicans, that is all that will count them the Spanish media. Unfortunately, we all know and our media, so they may imagine that things are not as they say even less. True, Trump did in his time some controversial statements and it is true that those statements were related to Mexico and Mexicans, but intend to Trump was not to be let alone racist insult to Mexicans, but merely to highlight a number of circumstances that are occurring today and seriously harming the United States. So I convinced my readers deserve to know the truth and form their own opinion, I will take the trouble to narrate in detail what has happened in this area since the first day, not hide them all. Then each judge, but taking all the data at your fingertips, just that which frightens the leftist media, well imbued them that their task is not to inform, but to dictate slogans. Luckily, no longer have the monopoly of information and any citizen, willing to do it, you can open a window to the truth. "Going Rogue, Palin Going special Republican primary" is mine and to open again today, I have let a nice breeze to cool us all.
Trump 2016 2
It all began on June 16, Tuesday, when Donald Trump, the famous American businessman in New York announced his candidacy for president of the United States. Presented by his daughter Ivanka, who praised the work ethic of his father as well as his passion and respect for the traditions, Trump gave a dramatic speech, full of memorable phrases that no one else would dare to utter ("No I need the money from anyone. I am really rich "). However, out of all his speech, there was a paragraph in particular that left a bad taste in the mouths of his supporters. It was as follows:
America has become a dumping ground for problems worldwide. When Mexico [meaning, the government of Mexico] sends his people are not sending their best. They are not sending them to you [pointing to the audience]. They are not sending them to you [pointing again]. They're sending people who have a lot of problems and that these problems are bringing with them. They are bringing drugs. They are bringing crime.They are rapists. And some, I guess, they're good people! But I talk to the Border Guard and they tell me what we're getting. And that makes sense.We are not sending the right people. They come from beyond Mexico. They are coming from all over South and Latin America and are probably coming from the Middle East. But we do not know. Because we have no protection and have no skills, we do not know what's going on. And that has to stop and must stop quickly.
Trump's speech was generally well received, so much that Sean Hannity, radio broadcaster and host of Fox News, said that the entry of Trump at stake "might well be the adrenaline rush they need all Republicans." For his part, Robert Davi, one of the few actors in Hollywood who does not hide his conservatism, Breitbart News wrote that Trump could play in 2016 the role played Ross Perot in 1992 (recalling further that year also occurred presidential elections in which a -GHW Bush Bush, presented against a 41- Clinton -Bill-), providing conservative precisely this message that both craved hearing, "one leader to paint in bold colors of red, white and blue ". However, there was no doubt that the way for Trump would not be easy and that even though he knew communicate clearly with the Americans, would have to see how the campaign unfolded and how responded Trump in televised debates because, as Davi concluded: "I think Trump has a devastating direct; the question is: How hard is your jaw? ". Finally, Rush Limbaugh, the radio host, said Trump's message would have resonated with Americans, again compared with Ross Perot in 1992.
That same day the first reviews to Trump, who came from the left, but right is heard. In the Fox News program "The Five" co-anchor Dana Perino doubted the claim Trump to build a wall along the border with Mexico and make this country out who paid for its construction. His partner, Eric Bolling, defended Trump, but Perino seemed really angry and there was no way to calm her. Then, Charles Krauthammer, political commentator lamented the presence of Trump in the electoral campaign in the "Special Report" program, also from Fox News, complaining about the many contradictions he saw in his introduction and fearing that out to hurt the Republican Party as such.
For its part, the left also fell short and MSNBC was the most enthusiastic about criticizing Trump. Wednesday on "The Rundown With Jose Diaz-Balart," Jimmy Williams, editor of program Blue Nation Review , and Shira Center, editor of The Boston Globe , took the position of considering a candidate Trump joke, something that They coincided with Krauthammer, who had also dismissed as unserious candidate. Even they highlighted the fact that Trump has filed for bankruptcy four times, which is certainly a fact to keep in mind, if only because it has been redone and has regained all fortune and each of those four times. But I think that's not what they wanted us to recognize, right?
The first time someone made specific mention of that paragraph of his speech that was seen above Kasie Hunt, MSNBC reporter. This had the opportunity to talk in person with Trump in Iowa and ask if reaffirmed in those reviews that say that Mexico sent to the United States "rapists". Trump replied:
Completely. They are not sending us its best people. And it is people from other countries besides Mexico. We have drug dealers across the border, we have rapists, murderers have, we have criminals. I mean it is a matter of common sense. What do you think they're going to send: your best people, the best of them? The answer is no.
After journalists, politicians. John Sununu, former chief of staff GHW Bush and former governor of New Hampshire, told MSNBC "Andrea Mitchell Reports" Trump's statements about Mexicans were "ugly" and "lacking class" and would cause the "Republican electorate" he felt "uncomfortable".
This was the scene who saw the campaign team of Trump very next day after his boss announced his candidacy. It was clear that this was only the beginning and that things would get worse. It is true that paragraph of yore was poorly worded; as a former journalist, I reckon it's pretty gross and it would have needed a thorough review before someone were to read in public, even to make clear that among those illegal immigrants who cross the border, even though doing so illegally (which does not still a bad start), a large majority honestly come to work and send money to their families in Mexico.
For my part, I have no doubt that Trump made ​​his comments less thinking about that, but high, proportion of illegal immigrants who are undoubted criminals whose crimes and US media stubbornly refuse to collect. To understand what we are talking about, it will suffice precisely figures provided by the government agency responsible for controlling immigration in the United States, the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE).These figures refer only to one state, Texas, said that last year 860 foreign offenders, of which 27% assaulted children were deported. And that in the last three years, the ICE has deported more than 7,000 rapists who had illegally entered the country or had been deported before. In fact, in some areas of Texas along the border with Mexico they have increased the numbers of offenders arrested by 100% between 2013 and 2014. Of course this is not what you want Obama to appear in the media, so it does not appear. However, that does not leave in the news does not mean it does not exist and these data I give are nothing compared with other more than give you a full account throughout this series on the first month of election campaign of Donald Trump .
In the next post, we'll see how worse the smear campaign against Trump, entering the game even the Mexican government. But we will see how he spends Trump when touched noses. And we'll laugh. I promise. Word Palin!