Monday, July 27, 2015

UPDATE;PALIN MASSIVE CHOICE Poll:Fox 'Political Insiders'Say GOP Nominee "Isn't In The Race Yet" Who Could It Be? Vote Here

FINAL POLL RESULTS; 207 genuine votes (1 vote per person saw Governor Palin with an overwhelming lead: Perhaps surprisingly Jon Huntsman was far and away the second choice from amongst the rest of the proposed candidates:

PALIN                     189 VOTES  91. 3%
HUNTSMAN          10  VOTES     4.8%
WEST                          2  VOTES     0.9%
RICE                            3  VOTES      1.4%
THUNE                       2  VOTES      0.9%
HALEY                        1   VOTE        0.4%

Fox News 'Political Insiders' panel; John LeBoutillier, Pat Caddell, and Doug Schoen discussed the GOP's 2016 presidential candidacy race and the consensus was that "none of the 16 candidates will be the nominee, the GOP nominee isn't in the race yet." Video and transcript at  THIS LINK:

NB: Troll votes will be discounted from the final totals to get the real percentages of genuine votes per person, so they are wasting  their time. Apologies for Haley misspelling.

If that were the case, and these are seasoned rational political analysts of major repute, it is worth canvassing as to who the missing candidate might be, who can reach Caddell's high standard of needed qualities.

 Here are some choices. The previous version had 2 votes for Secretary Rice, 2 for Governor Huntsman two for Senator Thune  2 for Fmr. Congressman West and 140 for Governor Palin which will be added to the totals for this new page.