Wednesday, July 29, 2015

32 Million Reasons Why Dem's & Media Are In A Death Spiral (Gone West)

+32,322,199 people, (by 7/28/15) that is 10% of the entire population of the United States of America, have viewed this video of former Congressman Allen West's 7 minute address about the Iran Treaty in Times Square in front of 10,000 people 7/22/15.

Put in another way that is around 25% of the 127 million adults who voted for President Obama and Governor Romney in 2012. The 32 million is just what has been viewed on West's Facebook page alone, and the massive number across all media is growing constantly.

It has been shared, at the above date/site by, 1,372,000 people and has had 507,000 comments. With all this the media coverage has been minimal. The first fifteen pages on Google searching for "Allen West Times Square" comes up with not a single "MSM" report, neither does a web search for the event for the New York Times and Washington Post.

'The Right Scoop/Daily Caller/Breitbart' et al sites gave it prominent coverage, as did many conservative bloggers and a few "progressive" haters, but for all intents and purposes, for the MSM it never happened. 

On the one hand the fact that West's address that could appeal to 25% of the voting population, but not be covered by the media is a good thing.

It shows how utterly out of touch the Beltway Establishment elite are and how utterly disconnected with political reality the so called political journalists (who got Trump's rise so hugely wrong) are. 

It also shows their utter disdain for the great mass of voters who are so completely fed up with the way the elite condescends to the "bitter clingers" that they are rallying en-mass to Trump who clearly states he is not beholden to the Washington mob. 

Further, and perhaps the best thing to come from this utter disdain, is that the media are digging their own graves as surely as if they had been handed control of a mechanical ditch digger instead of the usual shovel.

On the other hand it is a terrible indictment on the state of journalism that such an obviously massive response can go, deliberately in some cases and disdainfully in most, totally unreported on. If the 32,000,000 is any indication, which of course it is, that if things continue as they are under the Obama administration and his heir apparent Hillary, then the 2016 election will look like 1984's with the difference that only D.C. will be in the Dem's Electoral College total.

That is if any combination of Palin/Trump/West makes up the ticket. If the vote on offer is Clinton versus Bush, then either a nascent third party will garner a minimum of 20% or the turnout will be one of the lowest in history. Let's hope it is a genuinely populist ticket on offer from the GOP or they will seal their own doom along with what's left of the old-time media.

Mr. Obama, it's a damned stupid thing that you just did. And if people are upset about what I just said, I really don't care.
Posted by Allen West on Wednesday, July 22, 2015