Thursday, July 23, 2015

Updated: Des Moines Register/Stephen F. Hayes Latest Firings:"They're Fired!" Trump Is Perfect Storm For The Media

Update as the media descent into hell continues;
The Des Moines Register, after their Editorial Board hit out at Donald Trump in the most despairingly manner possible had to eat crow subsequently.

Trump, who as I cover in the original article below doesn't need the media, as they are falling over themselves to cover him, simply banned the DM Register from attending his next public meeting. 

At which point the newspaper grovelled 
unashamedly and pathetically, which proves how dependent they are on Trump for clicks and purchases. Such media stupidity shows they still have not caught up with the fact they are irrelevant, as direct appeal and social media have killed them off.

"We are disappointed that Mr. Trump's campaign has taken the unusual step of excluding Register reporters from covering his campaign event in Iowa on Saturday because he was displeased with our editorial," she said. "As we previously said, the editorial has no bearing on our news coverage. We work hard to provide Iowans with coverage of all the candidates when they spend time in Iowa, and this is obviously impeding our ability to do so. We hope Mr. Trump's campaign will revisit its decision instead of making punitive decisions because we wrote something critical of him."

The other example, amongst myriads, is the slow evolution of The Weekly Standard's Stephen F. Hayes who has gone from utter disparaging comments that "Trump has blown up" after McCain comments on 7/18, to "Trump sits atop national GOP polls" as reality, not the fondest wish of the encrusted GOP establishment, blasts away their preconceptions and bias.


The fourth poll in a row has Donald Trump in first place and, more importantly the Real Clear Politics "Poll of Poll" aggregate which is more reliable, has Trump well in first place. Interestingly in my opinion, Jeb Bush has begun a steep decline after the Trump onslaught with Walker rising. 

This could mean that far from Trump only appealing to "ultra-conservatives" who are "Mad as hell" to quote the media, he has middle ground support if he is indeed picking up votes from previous Jeb supporters (as the poll details bear out).

Now the past ten days has seen an absolute onslaught from the media against Trump from left right and center. I won't link to any particular article except one by the ridiculous Josh Marshall at TPM whose any pretense to a balanced view disappeared along with this latest rant. Marshall's hate post on Trump will do for the entire media as it is neither the most evil (Dana Milbank; Donald Trump as a “rotten pig,” a “fraud”) nor of course the mildest. For those who wish to see hate at its vilest here is  a selection

These rants share one thing in common an attack on the base as mindless haters, on Trump as just out for publicity, and how the GOP will be destroyed by Trump. The hate of the base is of course nothing new-Palin was subjected to the same hell-fire (actually worse because her family was viciously attacked) and was first seen with Obama's "bitter clingers" which exposed the core mindset of the left.

The "publicity" meme, along with the others trotted out (he won't register, her won't release his financial information) carries no weight as one thing Trump doesn't need in his life is publicity-in fact it is costing him money due to idiotic boycotts.

The "he's hurting the Republican's chances" is the only valid political reason for all this bluster, hate and madness. Trump can't be "reined in" by the GOP Establishment with money or promise of office. 

He is hurting the Establishment's choice Jeb Bush without doubt, and is a genuine threat to Hillary Clinton no matter what the head to head polls say. At one point Reagan was over 20 points behind Carter and we know how that ended up.

What we are seeing is a perfect storm. The Establishment is scared Trump will either destroy their choice or go third party and finish any hopes they have. Aligned with that is a media which has seen in Trump the end of any real influence they have.

Nothing the media can say or do affects Trump. They have written him off time and again, most recently after the Trump/McCain spat, and he keeps rising in the polls. The media are now seen as ineffectual blatherers and scribblers who can pontificate all they want, but whose opinions carry no more weight than the humblest Blogger.

If Trump continues to rise, and the media continues to write him off, they will be the biggest losers of this political season and many will have to look for new means of employment, along with, hopefully, the pollster whose recent record has also left them on the precipice.

More power to Trump whose place in history may be as the person who destroyed the chattering classes.

UPDATE: I thought I had see the final throes of desperation from the media but Matt K Lewis at the 'Daily Beast' calls on the previously reviled Rush Limbaugh to save the establishments bacon from Trump. "

"Time for Rush Limbaugh to Smother Trump"

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