Tuesday, July 21, 2015

President Obama's "Memorable Week Poll Rise (CNN) Vanished " Immediately

CNN's Polling Director Jennifer Agiesta trumpeted "President Obama's "Memorable Week Poll Rise" in an article on June 30th and posed the question "Could Barack Obama's great week mark a turning point in his poll numbers?" As things turned out the answer is decidedly "no."

What brought about this liberal enthusiasm for the perceived Obama renaissance, a week of seemingly "good news" for Obama which the liberal media cherry picked as "legacy" accomplishments."

The reality is that since February president Obama has had a higher approval than disapproval approval in the Real Clear Politics polling results (and aggregate) only five times, four of those were in April polls The fifth, poll taken June 26-29 which set leftists hearts aflutter, was a CNN poll which had him 3 points up at 50% to 47%. That poll was the only one since February that had him at the break even point.

What achievements were trumpeted as giving President Obama this "breakthrough" (which of course it wasn't at 50%).  Agiesta numerates a number but particularly these.

The Supreme Court upholding Obamacare "his legacy"
The Supreme Court upholding same-sex marriage
Handling of race relations after the Charleston massacre
Singing "Amazing Grace" on television
Perceptions of an improving economy
President Obama's eulogy in Charleston.

That the same sex marriage decision had anything to do with Obama is dubious.His "singing" is only something the left could bring up as a positive and contributor to a poll rise. To ascribe a terrible massacre and its aftermath as part of a "great week' is hideous. 

That President Obama performed his duty as "mourner- in-chief has been marred by the, abhorrent to many,  disregard of the terrible deaths of soldiers murdered by a Muslim-at least to the same level of regard he showed in Charleston and with no eulogy forthcoming.

To describe race-relations as a contributor to a poll rise whilst showing:

"A plurality of all Americans now say that relations between African-Americans and whites have gotten worse in the time since Obama became president: 43% think so, while about half as many, 20%, say things have improved. Among African-Americans, opinions are evenly split, with 35% saying things have worsened while 33% think they've gotten better"

borders on the ludicrous. Clearly, with 46 million Americans on food stamps and a massive increase in the non-participation work rate the "improving economy" hardly seem to have contributed to the starry-eyed view of Obama's polling future.

So where are we today after the predicted Obama polling renaissance? The latest
RCP aggregate has Obama at 44.9% apro and 51% Disapproval right back to his long time average. The CNN poll was either a push-poll timed to take advantage of President Obama being in the spotlight for reasons he, in reality, had little little or nothing to do with, or was simply an outlier poll.

The reality is with the GOP's control of Congress President Obama has little room to do anything on the political and economic front (in the latter case he is a hostage to fortune) and basically can only get continued headlines in the social sphere. With same-sex marriage now done and dusted even that area is also becoming limited.

Massacres of course work both ways. The left goes ballistic when a crazed White man murders Blacks and the right goes ballistic when a Muslim murders American on US soil. To look for polling and "legacy" favorables in those crazed areas is of course foolish-but the leftist media will try. 

The bottom line is that the country simply does not approve of President Obama's performance and has not for a very long time.