Friday, October 29, 2010

Alaska/W.Virginia/Washington/ Vote For Soft Liberals Or Republicans Who'll Stand Up To Islamic Terrorists

Once again, as was the case in 2004 with the choice between Bush or Kerry, a major issue in the campaign if 2010 is "which political party will best defend America against radical Islamic terrorism"?

 Late in the campaign, then and now, the issue arose because of overt acts from radical Islamic forces. In 2004 it was Bin Laden issuing a recording where he directly interfered in the election by naming Kerry. This time with a tape from Bin Laden (threatening France) and today a direct threat with explosive material from AQ in Yemen targeting American soil-pointedly, in Chicago-so much for the outreach to the Middle East.

This throws the issue-keeping America safe from terrorism-straight back in the campaign. It has been through sheer dumb luck that the previous plots failed,the Times Square and "Underwear" bombers for example.That the authorities did well with this latest plot is commendable of course, but the bottom line is that the plotters are still active and our luck may not hold out forever.

In front of the voters is the question-which party is stronger on terrorism and will keep you and your family and your fellow citizens as safe as possible? Which party supporters agree with the building of Mosque near the 9/11 site? Did President Bush keep America safe during the whole of his second term? Can we trust the Democratic party to be as strong as the Republicans? Which party will take the strongest line against Iran becoming a nuclear power, will support our allies in Iraq ?

The voters of Alaska (who have a  decorated military hero to choose from amongst the candidates),Washington State, Pennsylvania,West Virginia,Wisconsin, Nevada, California and Colorado can, by choosing Republicans for their senators this election, not only put America back on the right economic course but ensure that the ever present danger from America's enemies in radical Islam are kept at bay.Their votes would ensure a Republican majority in the senate-calling for that result is a call for patriotism and security.

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