Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sullivan Goes Into Surreal Palin PDS Mode "Fear Her Followers And Acolytes"

This latest and greatest example of Sullivan's PDS in full flight.

"This woman commands forces out there that are truly terrifying and violent. If you want to know why so much about her is still unknown, you do not understand the fear her followers and acolytes command in her native Alaska. That fear is real; and it is not without reason."

Perhaps Sullivan has been seeing to many vampire movies or has been imbibing at the O'Donnell witchypoo ravings to have come up with that sentence. It certainly has a Gothic ring about it, perhaps too he has been reading to much of the "people in Alaska walk in fear of Palin, when I try and talk to them about her they turn away trembling" hilariousness that certain "writers" and "reporters" have been peddling.

The filthy mouthed liberals at Wonkette have been enjoying the sight of Palin being harassed by an obviously disturbed person-to the extent that the comment that she and her family (the breeding pair and the litter) should be taken out with a better weapon than a shotgun. Sullivan is so gracious that he actually accords her no "direct" responsibility for Palin's supporters allegedly taking umbrage.

Sullivan advises that the person who has made implied threats against Palin, to the extent that she had to have a restraining order taken out against, him mentions he also made threats against "many other public figures".
What he doesn't say is that this same person has made threats against President Obama. If he did then he, by the same weird reasoning,would have to also advise that with Obama  "this story does reveal some of the virulence and anger and violence that lies beneath what has become a political cult." and that "This woman man  commands forces out there that are truly terrifying and violent."

But of course logic doesn't come into the twisted world view of PDS (and other diseases) sufferers.

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