Saturday, October 2, 2010

Healing America's Wounds Post Obama.President Palin Could Institute A Collegiate Of Former Presidents And VP's.

Should Sarah Palin run for, and achieve the presidency in 2012, it would be presumed that President Obama, being at that point a one term president, had left office with the country in a depressed state.
Depressed both economically and in spirit. This is generally the case with one term presidents-under this scenario Obama would have been the fifth (Taft/Hoover/Carter/Bush Snr./Obama) to leave office with the county in difficult economic or morale environment in the previous 100 years.

President Palin would be faced with challenges on both fronts, the economic and the spiritual. One way of bringing the country along with her, to face and accept the hard choices that would have to be made to right the economy, would be a measure of bipartisanship. This could be done, as has been traditional across many presidencies, by calling on the talents of members of the Democratic Party to serve in a high ranking cabinet posts.

This would immediately signal, given the position or positions were significant, that Palin was serious about reaching out to heal the country and was above base partisanship in that endeavour. This would assist her in taking whatever actions were needed to present a remedial economic program to Congress.

An even more significant action would be to institute a college of former presidents and vice presidents in a formal advisory body. This could meet on a regular basis, ( with an alternating chairperson) in a totally non-partisan environment, and review the state of the country, the economic and social programs needed to address economic, military and other problems of  importance. Their recommendations, which would not be binding on the sitting president, would carry much moral strength and, if seen to be genuinely impartial would assist the president in putting through a program based in part on the result of their deliberations.

Surely a formal body of advisers, comprised of ten wise men and true-Presidents Obama, Bush Snr. and Jnr, Carter and Clinton and Vice Presidents Mondale, Gore, Cheney, Quayle and Biden would add inestimable value to any sitting presidents plans and aspirations and would assist greatly in restoring America. Such an action, immediate upon achieving office, would mark out Palin for greatness and would reflect on what is obvious in her character now-self above country

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