Saturday, October 16, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love-Then Final Path To Fulfillment- Sarah Palin.

If you have embarked on a journey of fulfillment. Begun a search for all that is best in life and have, inspired by the book/movie  "Eat,Pray, Love". Followed the path to epicurean, spiritual, and interpersonal devotional growth, have reached a new plateau as a new person, then there is one more path to rise to even greater heights.

That path leads to a fulfillment of your humanity and that is that of Christian love, "agape' for your fellows on the path.They may be at different stretches on the road and some may be going in the wrong direction but your transcendent love will cover them all. How you choose to express this, perhaps through works of charity, through fellowship, whatever way you choose, is in your hands.

One way of expressing your universal love would be to have your government put in place policies which are "humanity" centered. To create a climate where people look out for each other, where industry is allowed to do what it is best at doing, creating work-which is the surest way for people to advance themselves. A government which is people and life centered, which has a "servant's heart".

Your journey has now brought you out of yourself to look outward towards the light. As you do so you will see the light of love for humanity and the servant's heart is shining on and centered in Sarah Palin. Support her, work for her, and you will be at the culmination of your life's journey and your love for humanity will find its total expression.

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