Monday, October 11, 2010

Palin Endorses Arizona Candidate-Lib's Panic And Wet Their Pants

Sarah Palin included in her latest list of endorsements Ruth McClung a Congressional candidate in Arizona who is running against ultra-lib Democrat Congressman Raul Grijalva. This has set off alarm bells on the far left and has them panicked and desperate.

The biggest laugh is that these same people have spent the last two years obsessing about and decrying everything Palin, and saying she was a nobody with no influence.Well look whose laughing, and look whose panicking now ! There is no more enjoyable sight than seeing the lib's chickens coming home to roost-if they had spent more time fighting Palin over policy instead of snickering they would not now find themselves in the position they are. One of the best comments are along the lines of  "what were we thinking of in 2008" as even the left of the left now sees that Obama was the empty suit the right warned he was.

The Dem's firewall is now stretched so thin they are having to pour money and resources into defending a candidate who would normally have a very safe seat. However, to be running in an anti-Obama year after having called for a boycott against his own state leaves (over Gov. Brewer stopping immigration) Gijalva vulnerable to the dynamic that is the Palin enhanced tsunami.

Politico describes the pickle the libs are in as the race moves to McClung and "the tidal wave of money that Palin's endorsement will bring".

One has to laugh

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