Sunday, October 24, 2010

Palin At 49/50 Favorable-Unfavorable, Unmistakable Trendline Upwards

According to the table the average of the three most recent Likely Voters polls has Sarah Palin at 47% Favorable to 49% Unfavorable.The most recent poll has her at 49/50.

Likely Voters                                    Favorable       Unfavorable

10-13-18           846 LV                       49                      50

GWU/Politico (Lake/Tarrance)
9/19-22/10     1000 LV                        44                       49       

9/18-19/10     1000 LV                        48                       49

There are two major points here. Firstly her unfavorable ratings have dipped below the all important 50% mark. Secondly there is an unmistakable upwards trend line amongst likely voters.The average of the previous analysis of these three polls was favorable 44 unfavorable 50 (as set out in the Pollster table) with an 8 point jump upwards in the AP-GfK poll since August 2010.

If this seemingly inexorable trend continues Palin will be in favorable territory well before the 2012 presidential election. I have dealt with the, in some cases, ridiculously slanted "all Voters" television network polls previously.

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