Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rick Moran States "Hard Being A Lonely Fool"-Next Admission Is RINO And Then Lib

Rick Moran at Right Wing Nut House (I know, I know, I said I would never read him again but it is hard not being drawn to a slow motion train wreck) is going through an existential crisis.Wondering why his conservative friends are deserting him, calling him a RINO, and appears to wonder whether his blog is worth writing in depth at all (that's easy-it isn't).

Moran is clearly moving to RINO status which is the first step to his eventual declaration that he is a lib. The catalyst for that step will be if Sarah Palin gets the nomination, perhaps Huckabee also might do the trick. As he intimates, in his latest cri de ceour, the fault will be with a GOP which will have moved to the crazy extreme right in his mind. When, or if It moves to the center left subsequently, he will be nowhere to be found having undergone his apotheosis to full fledged Obama supporting "mainstream" liberal Democrat.

Here is his assessment of the current GOP " It’s lonely being a fool. As I have struggled to find a way to reconcile a robust, philosophically coherent, and consistent conservatism that has meaning for America in the 21st century with the riot of conceits, resentments, paranoia, and narrow mindedness that much of the right has become,...

Great-the "mainstream" conservatism he expounds was soundly rejected in 2008 and the return to genuine conservatism, which he characterizes as a "riot of paranoia", is being embraced by Republicans and independents in possibly unprecedented numbers which will show itself this November. Who then will be out of the mainstream-the Obamaites and Mr.Moran and his, admitted, dwindling band of followers. Why anyone actually likes his acerbic style and his massive intolerance for dissent by those who comment on his screeds is beyond me.

RINO!” they scream at me incoherently as they disappear into the maw of history" We will  shortly see who it is who will  be disappearing in three weeks. Hopefully, it will also include Rick Moran who advised he doesn't write much anymore- which is the best sentence in his whole article, and that "The parade is passing me by and I have fallen out of step with most of my conservative friends". That parade has long since faded into the far distance leaving Moran a sad, isolated figure on the sidewalk as the dust of history builds up at his feet.

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