Saturday, October 23, 2010

Palin Derangement Syndrome Of The Year Award- "Seething Dominatrix Sexuality"

A strange person by the name of "Sarah Jones" at a harbor for nut cases called "Politiucsusa"  has taken PDS to unparalleled heights ! Even though the year is not out yet I have no compunction in issuing this screed the "PDS Of The Year" award as nothing, yes nothing, will top this one.

Jones has built on the Jonathan Martin nonsense in his Politico rubbish article where he did a hatchet job on Palin using the usual "anonymous sources". This has been totally discredited by the people he actually named, and by Palin herself, as being a crock of bull. However that doesn't daunt Jones who has made a mountain of ordure out of a molehill of it.

This "article" or ravings has the lot-woo hoo here we go;
 "narcissism, self-centred, chaotic, insurgent agitator, egomania, vicious smears, Nixon paranoia " and that's just for starters !

How about  "Seething dominatrix sexuality" (that's the best yet outside of an asylum). But the line that gives Jones the Gold medal in the Olympics of PDS is this immortal  one "Sitting in the dark corner of a DC bar is a Republican political operative who has the goods on Palin. He’s just waiting for his phone to ring with the word, “Go.” If Palin weren’t such a poisonous person, I’d almost feel sorry for her. She has no idea what’s coming her way."

This is the "Iceberg" (so beloved of the nutty "Trig Truther" Alaskan bloggers,) which has been heading Palin's way for at least two years now, but somehow never seems to hit the good ship Palin. The "Republican operative" must be getting a sore backside from sitting so long in his dark bar-I hope his family isn't worried about him. However "they" whomever they are, won't rely totally on him as "A whisper campaign will commence. Fliers will be left on cars."

It is unfair to pull out too many sentences as the whole article is the product of a mind which has many problems. It is worth a read-I am sure sensible readers will find much to chuckle about as it can't be taken seriously- as it is the ultimate tribute to how disjointed in the brain Palin has made the left.

They are in fact their own worst enemy, as the more they do this sort of thing the more the average person will see what the driving force behind the mentality of the liberal left is. It is nothing short of astonishing how one little lady,who holds no elective office, can turn their world upside down-which shows how fragile and built on sand it is.

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