Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CNN Correspondent Discusses Palin Interview-Gets So Excited Can't Count Up To Four

Brooke Baldwin CNN Correspondent got so excited that one of CNN's reporters got a "great get"-an interview with Sarah Palin, that he lost track of doing even a simple thing like counting her words;
"BALDWIN: Shannon, that was an awesome interview, very raw Sarah Palin. And I wrote down those three words, as well, that "the GOP is through." Let's push forward and just what do you make of that?"

There is so much that is sad and laughable in this article.The LSM in a tizzy that one of their people managed to get in a few words with Palin, that the reporter Shannon Travis could not think of one positive thing to ask her-every question was a negative designed to elicit some dramatic, damaging response.

What is clear is that  CNN is preparing a hit piece on the Tea Party timed right before the election. You can just tell by the title " that we'll be airing called "Boiling Point: Inside the Tea Party Movement." that it will be totally biased and negative. The funny aspect is the two reporters being so hesitant in actually saying that Palin has said there is a split in the Republican ranks "

"TRAVIS: Well, again, she says that she doesn't think that there will be a rift or a split within the Republican Party. And that if there possibly is, if -- if establishment type Republicans don't go along with a lot of Tea Party ideals, then they may be through. So I wouldn't -- we wouldn't -- we don't want to go so far as to say that she's saying that they're -- predicting that there will be a rift, because, clearly, she's saying that she -- she doesn't think that there will be."

It's hilarious-the stuttering lib's are so scared of Palin they are hesistant to  use or distort her words against her ! This is remarkable turnaround and payback for all the lies the liberal media have attacked her with-she is Teflon and powerful now-and don't they know it!  The other positive is that no matter how big a hatchet job CNN's documentary is-nobody will be watching.

Read more: http://thepage.time.com/2010/10/18/palin-warns-republicans-stick-to-we-the-people-philosophy/#ixzz12mwJKnmj

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