Friday, October 8, 2010

Kos Site Shows GOP Leads In 51 Senate Seats.Kos Kids Form Circular Firing Squad

Bitter and twisted doesn't do justice to the reaction of the Kos Kids to their own polling analysis which shows the Republicans ahead in 51 senate seats-a majority.
Who to blame? The person who created the poll analysis of course, the dumb voters, Blue Dog Dem's, idiotic Republican supporters, stay at homes-in fact everyone except President Obama. No doubt too the fault lies with the Dem's "not being progressive enough." Indeed, if the Obama administration had only pressed on with an even more leftist agenda the Dem's would not only not lose the senate but would actually win even more seats in the house.

Desperate Dem Days-Kos himself is pushing for the Dem in Florida to pull out and Dem's to vote for Crist-there's loyalty for you. Anyway-the site and the comments are enjoyable reading-it is great to see them squirm-they give no quarter and don't deserve any.

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