Friday, October 1, 2010

I Saw And Heard JFK And Believe Me President Obama-You're No JFK

Jon Stewart absolutely excoriates the Democrats with a critique from the thinking left. As an example of his concerns he runs clips from President Obama's speech in Madison Wisconsin. I don't think that he meant to criticise the speech itself as a speech, rather he was ridiculing the contents.
However, I quite frankly, found the presidents performance during his car metaphor passages to be excruciatingly embarrassing (in fact cringe inducing). I appreciate this was an audience comprised of university students in the main, but his mannerisms, descriptive language, and tone of  voice were absolutely un-presidential in my opinion. It is a mystery as to what has happened to the Obama we saw during the 2008 election campaign.We are seeing at one hand an apparently unsympathetic bureaucrat, and on the other a second rate stump speaker.

If we had seen this persona in 2008 I would imagine President Obama would now be still Senator Obama.
I had the privilege of seeing and hearing President Kennedy on a number of occasions. One at the Columbus Circle Exhibition Center (I have a video of that which is a prized possession) and in Harlem with Eleanor Roosevelt. I could not ever imaging JFK delivering a speech in a manner as disconnected as Obama seems to be or, absolutely, as appallingly as Obama did in Madison. JFK could certainly be humorous, and even playful at times, but the man had an incredible sense of dignity and a connection with his audience and the concerns of the public .Here is the link to President Obama's "car in the dirt' exhortation
Here is President Kennedy extolling (sans teleprompter) the benefits of tax cuts to get the economy going. Viewing both speeches it is instantly recognized that one is a great man the other is not. It is perhaps even unfair to compare the two but I would happily compare Clinton (actually both Clintons) and they would more than hold their own. America is in a sad place now and we look in hope to someone like Sarah Palin to once again revive the spirit of the country in 2012-sadly there are a long two years ahead.

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