Saturday, October 9, 2010

Palin at 22% Favorable? Give Me A Break-Proper Polls Average Is 46/49 list the four most recent polls regarding Sarah Palin's Favorable/Unfavorable ratings. The two from the Lame Stream Media networks are idiotic-unless you are biased leftwards or work for other LSM- as they reinforce your prejudices. However just a moments glance will show how ridiculous they are.

How can Palin be "the most polarizing politician" and at the same time have a 29% undecided  response (CBS) or a 19% "Neutral" plus 3% undecided response (NBC)?  Further, the network polls are amongst "all voters". If we look at the proper polling organizations, GWU and Rasmussen, who review a likely voter model, the "undecided" vote is reduced and the average of the two polls is 46 Unfavorable/49 Favorable. Interestingly Rasmussen has improved from previous 46/49 to current 48/49.

Pollster Dates               N/Pop         Favorable Unfavorable Neutral Undecided Not Heard Enough Refused

CBS 10/1-5/10             1129 All          22                48                         29 

NBC/WSJ 9/22-26/10  1000 All          30                48         19             3 

GWU/Politico (Lake/Tarrance)
                                     1000 LV         44                49                          2                5
Rasmussen 9/18-19/10 1000 LV          48               49                           3

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