Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lib's Attack;" Whilst Thousands Lose Jobs,Republicans Golf,Taste Wine,Vacation In Sun" Surely They Mean "The Obama's"?

Yes they actually say that "While thousands lose jobs, Republicans golf, taste wine, vacation in sun "

Such is the desperation of the left as they thrash about in their death throes ahead of the November tsunami. They attack The Chamber of Commerce, Ad agency comments in  making a promo advert for a West Virginia GOP candidate, clips of O'Donnell from an old television show-in fact anything they can dredge up to divert from their failed policies.

But to accuse a Republican candidate of the sins of exactly what the Obama's have been attacked for, the expensive holiday in Spain, the 52 days of golf, the hedonistic lifestyle whilst millions are on food stamps shows an incredible desperation and poor memory.

Only a few weeks to go until the madness and fear ends and the ship starts to turn course to a better harbor.

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