Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Major Polling Site Shows Dramatic Map With GOP Winning Senate/ And RCP Has Split At 50/50

The left leaning political analysis site; who I think very highly of as a source for poll results and analysis, (but disagree with their more partisan views from time to time) have put up a map which shows, for the first time, the Republicans in the lead  50-49 with 1 tie-for the senate.

Their individual race analysis explains why they have given the various states in play to either party, and is good news of course, for Republicans. Currently shown as a "tie" Washington state is the key, if this map holds on election day, and would give control to the Republicans. Even more so if Lieberman decided to caucus with them.

However even without Washington if Lieberman decides to caucus with the GOP then they would have the majority to determine committee chairpersons and, even though the VP would have a tie casting vote the reality would be that they could set the agenda and have the moral imperative in their favor.
UPDATE;RCP has it at 50/50

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