Monday, August 30, 2010

Crists Amazing Disappearing Palin Endorsement-Now Supports " Sarahs that Live In Florida"

Ed Henry-substituting  for Candy Crowley on her program 'STATE OF THE UNION WITH CANDY CROWLEY'  had the dubious pleasure of interviewing previous Republican now Independent Governor of Florida Charlie Crist about his positions as he campaigns to be elected Senator this November.

Crist's back flips "Political amnesia" according to his opponentKendrick Meek, regarding President Obama's health care bill have got  lot of attention for their astounding contradictions, as has his being obscurely non-commital as regards who he would caucus with if elected.

Frankly the Delphic Oracle is stunningly clear and precise compared to Crist.

His position on the health care plan and who he would caucus with if elected are matters of much import, but his position on his erstwhile attitude to the capabilities of Sarah Palin as a possible president are not so vital. They have descended into farce and deserve to be viewed widely.

As stated, not because they matter a whit in themselves but because they give an indication of the character of the would be Senator from Florida.Whilst Sarah Palin will be unsure of his support, all the women named Sarah in Florida can be assured of it, in case they are considering a run for the presidency-that is unless Crist changes his support position from Sarah to all women named Janet or Angela .

HENRY: Now I want to ask you finally about Sarah Palin. You were out on the campaign trail with her in 2008, you did a little bus tour with her, and someone else sent me a note on Twitter saying, quote, "Crist once said Palin would do a great job as president." Do you still feel that way? And we checked the tape, and in fact 13 days before Election Day in 2008, you said this on CNN.


CRIST: I think she would do a great job. I mean, realize that she really is the only executive that is running.


HENRY: Now that you are an independent, do you still think Sarah Palin would be a good president?

CRIST: Doesn't really matter. You know, what does matter is I am trying to be a United States senator and represent the people of Florida, and it is a tough campaign, it's going to be close in my estimation, I believe that I will win, and really what matter is not somebody from Alaska, but my fellow Floridians, and that's what I'm focused on.

HENRY: But governor, you were willing to comment in 2008. It certainly seemed like a Sarah Palin fan. Should I take from this, you are no longer a supporter of Sarah Palin?

CRIST: I am not going to issue a statement on Sarah. What is important to me are the Sarahs that live in Florida, the people of my home state. I respect anybody who puts themselves in the public arena, and she certainly has done that and is to be admired for working very, very hard in doing so. But my issue is about Florida. I care about my fellow Floridians, and what is important to me is doing what is right for them, first and foremost every single day.

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