Thursday, August 19, 2010

Radical Left Finds Being In the Driving Seat Makes them Unexpectedly Car Sick

I wrote the following yesterday as part of  an essay about the 2008 election and the (most enjoyable-karma based) spectacle of the radical left flailing about in a maelstrom of uncertainty and confusion as the "Rainbow President" drops further down the polling gurgler.

"However the progressive support, of no matter what age but especially the younger progressives saw, through rose colored glasses, only a rainbow future. For those under 22 years of age they would have basically only known the Bush years as they became politically aware and would have been filled with most of eight years of on-line blog and main stream media hate."

It reminded me of the old (actually going back to the Gladstone/Disraeli election contests) commentary regarding the party in opposition criticizing the administration they were trying to supplant.

"The man on the stagecoach sitting next to the driver can give all sorts of expert instruction as to how to hold the reins, how to take the oncoming curves and etc and be absolutely correct in all his commands and instructions. However, no matter how confident and capable, when the two men switch seats the former instructor, now having actual responsibility, is all of a sudden capable of making the most horrendous errors and overturning the stagecoach"

True words in the 1800's and an object lesson for the radical leftists who have been oh so smug and righteous throughout the Bush years-no wonder they are all at sea! They should look forward to the upcoming drubbing in November as it will put them in, at least in one if not two, governing areas back where they feel most comfortable-carping and complaining in opposition.

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