Thursday, August 26, 2010

10 Year Lib Blogger's Open Letter To Dem Leaders"Chickenshit Bastards Conceding the F***** Game"

J D Rhoades, along time lib blogger has posted  "An Open Letter to the Democratic Leadership" castigating Dem officials for expressing fears that the party may well lose, not only the House but also the Senate this November.

Expressing, in typical lib language filled with expletives, rants and frustration, Rhoades rails against the "anonymous officials' who are, as he puts it in a sports metaphor, "conceding the fucking game."  He advises them  that "The dumbest assistant coach of the most hapless junior college team in the NCAA knows better than to tell reporters “yeah, jeez, it looks pretty bad, I think we’re going to get our asses kicked this season.” If he did, he’d be out of a fucking job, and good riddance."

Basically Rhoades is telling his fellow Dem's that even if they know they are on to a hiding the should try and bluff it out. Given that deception comes so easily to party strategists, for them to be so low on morale that they can't even get up the energy to put on a false front shows just how much they realize the tsunami coming their way is unstoppable.

Nowhere in the posting is any listing of anything positive the "anonymous officials" might say to the country at large about the success (sic) of the administration to turn around the coming rout rather it is just an admonition to stop depressing the troops further than they are.

Rhoades also rails about being upbraided by the "Mouth breeding red neck assholes' amongst whom he lives for not supporting Sarah Palin.This shows, of course it hardly needs to be stated actually, that the Dem's pretend to be the party of the common man but in reality turn up their noses when confronted with the common man in person. This elitism is personified by the growing public perception of President Obama (which he does nothing to expel by holidaying in Martha's Vineyard by the way).

This rant against his own party is yet another example that the left, who have had an eight year run of Bush hating and anti-administration blogging, have, now that their party controls all aspects of government, no idea what to do or say as the administration lurches from one calamity to the other.

The gloom on the left who don't know what has hit them, is palpable-the Daily Kos site is now an echo chamber of false hopes,recrimination and disappointment.The "enthusiasm gap" and the radical left who's support of Obama's candidacy is splitting the party apart stay at home vote will ensure a massive shock wave is coming.

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