Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Dysfunctional Iraq Should Bring Impeachment Of The Obama Admin At The Senate Of The Civilized World

I wrote recently-looking in fear and trepidation at the US's rundown of troop levels in Iraq;

"In looking at the Iraq situation, the massive dislocation, loss of life, both Iraqi and American (and allies) the destruction of infrastructure and the lack of a political structure to govern the country, it appeared to me be be immoral for America to even consider abandoning the Iraqi people to an unknown fate."

The immoral decision has been taken-to assuage the administrations supporters on the left.This is politics at the very lowest Machiavellian level, to hand over a whole nation to the spectre of death and destruction to shore up a political base in an election year.

I feared that with the decline in troop strength it was only a matter of time before the insurgents and sectarians would institute a mass campaign of dislocation and death. But even I did not want to believe that this would start the very first day after the official announcement that the pullout of US combat troops had left fewer than 50,000 remaining

Two dozen coordinated attacks leaving 56 dead.This is just the start because as soon as the forces of destruction see that the Iraqi army and government are dysfunctional and unable to stop them the stage will be set for chaos.

The stage will be set for the return of a Iraqi "strong man', another Saddam. When this happens what will have been the worth of all the spending blood and treasure?

The Bush decision to invade Iraq was questionable, the Bush decision to use the surge was correct.The surge-never forget, was opposed by Obama and it is he who bears total responsibility for the pullout of combat troops, for the level of  "advisers" remaining and-God forbid, the possible destruction of Iraq.

If this happens it will not be a "high crime and misdemeanors"  i.e. an impeachable offense under the constitution. What it should be if that remedy is not available, is a cause for resignation and impeachment of all responsible at the court of world opinion.

In the meantime the first 35 are dead, how many more are to follow?

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