Saturday, August 21, 2010

If Iran Makes Nuclear Weapons It Will Be Obama Admin's Responsibility.If Disaster Ensues-His Legacy.The McCain/Palin Alternative Looks the Right One Now.

Iran is reportedly a day away from starting up their nuclear facility. Israel and the world can be hugely comforted that the Obama administration has advised that  "a year is a long time" and the threat is "not "imminent" and it would take "roughly a year to produce a ...dash for a nuclear weapon".

The administrations "get tough" actions i.e. sanctions have, at most, delayed the possibility of manufacture
but nowhere is the claim made that it has or would stop such manufacture. Israel, who would have to take action other than sanctions-as they did against Saddam's nuclear attempt-admit that the longer this goes on the more the possibility that Iran could disperse nuclear material making it "less likely an Israeli military strike would significantly cripple the program".

Israel is supposed to celebrate the Obama administrations triumph through sanctions of Iran only being able to, perhaps, make two nuclear weapons with current technology. Two would go a long way to producing the  Holocaust which Ahmadinejad advises would be the first.

There are voices, e.g. former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, who have urged strong action by Israel-right down to counting down the days (now one) when a preemptive strike is possible He advised that if no strike happens then it would be a "great victory for Iran". The reason for the deadline is that once fuel is delivered (from Russia) to the reactor Israel will not be able to attack for fear of spreading radiation.Even in a life or death situation for Israel their innate moral imperatives overrule for them what might be the best military action.

If Iran does make a bomb even with weak U.S. sanctions that  nuclear proliferation would be a huge blot on the Obama administrations legacy. If Israel is forced, for its very survival, to attack the Iranian facility and possibly causing a major conflagration, that too would be sheeted home to the weak Obama administration if Iran makes a bomb and uses it that would be a huge and tragic blot on the history of mankind and assign the Obama administration to the lowest rung of failed governments.

There is one thing certain in all this-if a McCain/Palin administration were in place this countdown would not be happening as it is-certainly it would not be the Israel counting down to when a possible enemy has the means to destroy her.

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