Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wonkette-The Most Disgusting, Juvenile, Pathetic Liberal Blog in The World Outdoes Itself With Palin Hate

Wonkette is of value for one reason only-to show how vituperative, petty and hypocritical the immature left is. This is never more so the case when they attack Sarah Palin.
They have reached new heights, or rather depths, of
yellow rag "journalism" with their latest hit piece which pretends to be a critique of Palin's position on the NYC Mosque proposal .

Granted, comment, satire and analysis can be hard hitting, challenging and emotional but Wonkette crosses all barriers of decency and descends into the cesspit of foul language and ad hominems to the point where even one of their readers comments that they have gone over the top.

If the Tea party, or a Palin blog commented on President Obama or The First Lady in this disgusting intemperate language there would be hell to pay-but Wonkette, and in a similar manner Gawker, which is the foul parent of Wonkette-can get away with this garbage because they represent, and in fact totally embody, the liberal left.

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