Monday, August 23, 2010

Anti-Palin Blogs/Comments Are Now Utterly Boring-Beyond Pitying Or Caring About

I have to admit that up until recently I failed to take my own advice (even when it was supported by the inestimable  "The Other McCain" site) and just ignore anti-Palin commentators bloggers. I was commenting on a supposedly conservative site which was taking a negative stand against Palin and took the opportunity of advising that all such sites and especially the leftists ones are simply best ignored-especially for ones blood pressure.

 "Simply ignore these blogs. It is tempting to want to check in with them from time to time, especially when a major crisis arises, to see how they react. Morbid curiosity tempts too (like a visit to Bedlam) but these impulses should be resisted. Note, ignore not ban-they mustn't be given the chance to shout "undemocratic impulses on the right".

No more views too of Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, Wonkette, Gawker. Huffington Post Big Palin News. Let them froth and gibber in their echo chamber. We have better viewing and more importantly better work to do. It may be satisfying to fire off a rebuttal to a ridiculous statement but you are just feeding the beast. Sarah Palin represents the New Person, lets make an aspect of that an always positive, always constructive state of mind. One path to this state of mind is to free it from all negativity-and ignoring hostile bloggers is one of the steps."

However I am only human and in looking at the compilation sites e.g. "Memeorandum" "Addictomatic" (Sarah Palin) and "Sarah Storm" for articles on Palin and general news there are always a number of leftist sites with Anti-Palin headlines.

Some of these are so childish they are easily left alone but some are such blatant lies and distortion that my every instinct is to tear into them. I long ago realized that this is an utter waste of time as if one leaves  comments-no matter how true and well thought out/presented-one is instantly attacked in the most vicious manner.

However recently the leftist blogs/commentators have descended into such a rut of the same tired old cliche's
"She is dumb/a quitter/a hick"  that even I am able to ignore them completely. The memes have been so thrashed to so little effect that the public would not  give them a thought-clearly the left has shot every arrow in their quiver and all have missed the mark or at most caused a few flesh wounds which have well healed.

They are now, forlornly, trotting out "Racist, kiss of death  endorsement loser, media star not a poltician anymore" and "I hope Palin gets the nomination as Obama will destroy her in the debates" (which is a backhanded compliment in a way as it grudgingly admits she may get the nomination) but there is no sting to that tale/tail.

Certainly the sewer dwellers at Wonkette keep pushing their filth but no one except their drug addled smug readers takes any notice and the insane "Trig Truther" sites are folding-"Palin's Deceptions" and "Bree Palin", both the repository of unimaginable neuroses having bit the dust.

According to Conservatives4Palin  two of the most vicious of the
ad hominem sites Palingates and Mudflats (I wouldn't sully this page by linking to them not having the strong stomach that the folks at C4P have)  have recently had a massive drop in viewership-they have actually "imploded" according to C4P. This again is another confirming sign that even the most vicious anti-Palin elements are giving up.

All this is good news-those of us on the right can get on with presenting positivity and constructive policies without wasting our time reading and "debating", if such a thing were possible, with the idiot left. It also shows that they have shot their bolt and if any damage has been done to Palin's poll ratings then this is the worst level they can be at and the only way is up.

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