Thursday, August 19, 2010

Associated Press Outdoes Itself With Grossly Biased Palin "Embarrassment" Hit Piece

Throwing all pretense at balance, much less moderation or lack of bias out the window the AP has let its barely disguised hatred of Sarah Palin be seen in all its repugnant unashamed yellow journalism.

In their latest anti-Palin diatribe headed "Republican pollster says Palin will be 'embarrassed' by Tuesday election results' they present Palin's ( and Huckabee's-for some reason he won't suffer any embarrassment) endorsement of Joe Miller, for what they admit, is a long shot run by in his effort to wrest the Alaskan Senatorial candidacy from current holder Lisa Murkowski as an upcoming 'embarrassing defeat in her own backyard'.

This is further described as part of a 'summer of setbacks for Palin' as her endorsed candidates have suffered what they describe as a string of defeats. There is no mention of the total results of Palin's endorsements to date which are running about even with the success ratio.

They then to go on a describe Palin as a 'favorite target of mockery (for whom-they don't say but the AP/leftist bloggers would be a good guess) as a 'unifying figure-for Democrats', then quote (vaguely critical) comments about her by a Republican whom she did not endorse (whilst leaving out favorable comments such as those by Clint Didier 'Palin couldn't have worked harder for me' in Washington and the many who have expressed delight at her endorsement).

They then leave the topic altogether and bring up the ridiculous (and a genuine target for mockery) EMILY's List  bear suit video attacking Palin. Their snideness drips off the page in their caption comments on a Palin photograph describing Palin as having converted a "failed run for the vice-presidency into a job, more or less as a driving force for ultraconservatism."

The only bit of balance in their long hatchet job is to quote Palin who realistically states "regardless of whether the many candidates I've had the honor of endorsing win or lose...I support them because they boldly shake things up in their primary races:".

As presented previously the facts are exactly as Palin sets out-which I commented on as I saw it .

"She made it outstandingly clear during her resignation speech that she would endorse candidates who she felt were standing on back to basics conservative principles and "If I die I die". If 100% of her endorsements failed to win but they presented to the American people a program of renewal for our country then that would be a principled stand worthy of someone of the highest consideration to lead America.

The leftist media can't get it through their collective heads that, with Palin, they are dealing with someone who puts principle above expediency. Of course Palin supporters would wish to see a 100% winning result for all her endorsements (and of course some have done very well) but we "Get it" because our thinking is conditioned by Palin to put what is right before self "

If the AP would have taken that premise and expanded on it then, even with the gross imbalance of the rest of the article their might be a degree of fairness, but with the AP where Palin is concerned  fairness is not a doctrine they subscribe to. Only a vigilant Palin supporter bloggership and those willing to comment on these sort of biased articles in the 'readers comments' area can counter the power of this MSM/LSM/Leftist bloggership distortion.

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