Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wonkette Low Life Scum Now Attack All Alaskans To Get At Palin

Not satisfied at delivering the filthiest of liberal rants against Sarah Palin-reasoned dialogue or even reasoned satire being beyond the playground minds of the Wonkette team (the dark soul of the liberal left) they have doubled down and attacked all Alaskans.

Alaska is described as "America's Leech" and "This disgusting repository of bastard people" with (of course) a picture of Palin just in case you don't get the point.

Liberals have become so deranged with Palin hate that they have now begun to take their frustration out on anything to do with Palin-even if it means tarring an entire populace with their sick calumnies. They are, for people of a good heart-especially conservatives of faith-more to be pitied than hated back. After all, all their plans which they dumped on President Obama's obviously unwilling, and as is becoming more and more apparent, incapable shoulders for the new liberal dawn are fast unravelling.

They are a pitiable sight thrashing around and foaming at the mouth like the biblical examples of the demon possessed in their rage and frustration, and the very words "Sarah Palin" are the trigger to their falling down disease.

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