Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Palin Informed, Informative, And Right On Alaska's ANWR Oil-Tears Down Liberals Curtain of Deceit

Sarah Palin gave the lie, once again, to the LSM/Left who keep trying to picture her as some sort of uneducated ditz when
she appeared with  Greta Van Susteren  who was doing an exploratory visit to Alaska to get a first hand overview of the oil exploration situation.

Palin impressively tore down the curtain which the liberal  propagandist have put up to cover what turned out to mostly be barren wastes-not as disseminated a pristine wilderness of migrating herds of caribou, alpine streams and soaring mountains.

Palin's salient point that there was a massive reserve of oil just waiting to be drilled for (with respect for the environment and safety) and a major tool to cease dependence on foreign oil.

It is nothing short of criminal that this gigantic resource is being  kept from the American consumer for no good reason, as it is now clear to see thanks to the Governor (and Greta).

Once again Palin leads on this issue-where are the voices of Huckabee/Pawlenty/Romney etc ? It seems they are happy to let Palin do all the heavy lifting and expect the nomination will just fall into their laps.

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