Friday, August 20, 2010

A Proud Day-Confirmation Of Change Of Registration From Democratic Party To (Palin) Republican

A proud day indeed ! I received an absentee ballot for the New York Democratic Party primary and advised the NYC Board of Electors that I had sent in my change of registration from Dem to Rep which is now confirmed.

I regret it has taken so many years but we all see the light at different times and through a life journey of different circumstances. I believe I was right to have worked and voted for JFK no matter what his personal faults and right to have supported the LBJ of the civil rights movement time. As for all Democratic party presidential nominees from Carter to Kerry I draw a veil over my support.

It is an honor to be a registered G.O.P.'er and even more so for the honor and delight to support Sarah Palin no matter where her quest may lead her.

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