Friday, August 27, 2010

Left Dumps "Useful Idiot" Crist Now that Kendrick Meek Looks Viable To Them

As soon as Kendrick Meek easily won the Democratic primary for Senator from Florida  and started to get the ensuing profile and poll result lift the left dumped their erstwhile hero Governor Crist like a hot potato.

Their first reaction to the Florida race, when Meek was way down in the polls;

June:     Rubio 37%./Crist 37%/Meek15%
August: Rubio 40%/ Crist30% /Meek21%

and seemed to have no chance whatsoever, was to pump for Crist to do an Arlen Spector. With numerous advice columns calling on Crist to jump ship to the Dem's telling him that this was his best chance of election as he stood no chance of winning the Republican primary.

The Kossite left was perfectly willing at this time to dump on Meek in a gross display of crass opportunism. That they have no values beyond whatever benefits their radical agenda is shown by the fact that this is hardly the first example of expedience. The Kossite left were perfectly happy to see William Jefferson lose to Joseph Cao in Louisiana-not because of the corruption issue but that Cao "A useful idiot" according to them, would get rid of an embarrassment and act a placeholder until the next election when they could get one of their own in the seat again-or as Kos suggests Cao,  like Crist switches. Dem's are great ones for looking for Republicans to switch but if one of their own e.g. Lieberman does, they scream like babies.

When, acceding in part to their advice, Crist jumped ship to run as an independent, the left was perfectly happy to see the Republican split and, since Meek was still way out of the polling picture, to keep supporting Crist as a possible win for the Obama administration as they counselled him to caucus with the Dem's after November.

All this has changed after Meek good showing poll, energy, and profile wise. The left has now discovered Meek as one of their own and can visualize him coming through the middle. The immediate result of this is that Crist has become no longer useful to their plans and they have seized on his flip flopping on the health care issue ( a 6th flip flop according to Rubio) to denigrate their once upon a time hero-including Halperin at Time Magazine.

The DNC has a problem on their hands because for them Crist is the better bet because in reality Meek stands no chance. If the DNC does not fund and campaign for Meek they will further alienate the radical left not only in Florida but wherever the leftist blogosphere reaches. That's for the moment however-the lib's hypocrisy knows no bounds or loyalty and they will make a decision on whether or not to "abandon the Democrat in October

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