Friday, August 27, 2010

Gallup Poll On Iraq is America's Shame- Palin/McCains Honor

Having written a series of articles stating my strongly held belief that it would be immoral for the Obama administration to leave Iraq basically defenceless against the very enemies the US forces were originally committed to fight against, it makes depressing reading to see the latest Gallup poll on this question

When asked if they were in favor of renewing combat operation in Iraq if Iraqi forces were unable to maintain order 63% said they were not in favor. Republicans polled were on the side of our better angels with 53% being in favor.However this was swamped by Democratic and independents opposing by 79% and 63% respectively.

Even though the majority of Republicans have supported the idea of not leaving Iraqi's to be murdered  by the Taliban, most Republican politicians are deadly silent on the issue. It seems that even they are satisfied with the surge having worked, but also happy to cut and run-even though an earlier Gallup poll found  61% believe the Iraqi security forces won't be able to cope

I wonder what the poll result would have been if the question had be phrased as it should be in reality;
"Do you favor leaving the Iraqi people to be killed by bombs and guns by the Taliban, Iraqi women returned to the customs of middle ages, or alternately the country subject to a new Saddam which will be the result of the Iraqi army not being able to maintain security.

In all modestly, realising the comparison is grossly presumptive, I feel as Churchill must have felt in the wilderness years when he was amongst the minority in warning, over and over, of the Nazi peril. It is a small comfort to be proven right by history when the end result of the cataclysm one has been warning about is mass death and destruction.

To repeat, those who, should it happen, are responsible for the ensuing cataclysm resulting from the end of the realistic American commitment to Iraq will be arraigned at the bar of the court of history-which will be cold comfort to the Iraqi people.

Those not appearing would be Palin and McCain who bravely have stood up for "As long as it takes".

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