Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beck/Palin Rally Destroys Dem's Only Campaign Theme "Republican Candidates Are Extremist Tea Partiers"

Groans of disappointment across the leftist blogosphere (and probably the MSM) that the Glen Beck organized "Restoring Honor" rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. was peaceful, massively attended, non-political, with morals based non-inflammatory speeches, no anti-Obama signs and horrors, no instances of violence or racism.

All they could find to criticize was that they thought the rally 
"Dishonored MLK" being run on the same day as his historic speech, that the numbers attending were not as large as President Obama's inauguration, that the speeches were boring, and that there was a preponderance of white people.

 Oh, they did find fault, quelle horreur, with children cooling off in the fountains (which  the children of the radical left would never do being the epitome of manner) and that public money was being used to clean up afterwards-"My hard earned tax money". When it was pointed out that the Tea Party organizers had volunteer squads to clean up the complaint was that taxpayers money would have to be used to empty the bins!

So much for the infantile left, venting (and letting the cat out of the bag by asking "why can't the left organize our own rally like Beck's?) at the usual suspects blog sites Kos/Crooks and
Liars/Wonkette/Gawker. The more important problem for the left following on from the rally  is how it affects the mid-terms.

What are the Democrats to do? It is obvious to everyone that the Dem's have a major problem-they are the "in" party in a very much "out" year. There is little they can point to, take try and turn the coming tsunami of voter resentment and anger, in the way of accomplishments.

Certainly the successes, from their point of view, that they have had-ramming the health care and the stimulus through Congress are "successes" that don't resonate with voters-they clearly turn them off.

Even worse for the Dem's these very successes appear so watered down to the left that they are contributing to the "enthusiasm gap". Meaning the angry right and independents are determined to vote, and the disappointed left are determined to stay at home to teach the Dem leadership a lesson.

Then came the primaries and a glimmer of hope, or at least a message, that the left could spin to try and stave off the worst effect of the sad economy (after all it is "The economy stupid' which is the bedrock of voters anger). That message was the success of the Tea Party in getting some of its supported candidates on the ballot for November.

"We may not yet have turned things around yet but we will and, in the meantime, would you put your trust in the hands of these extremist radical Tea Party candidates? " is the theme the DNC have hit on-a desperate ploy but at least it was something for them to hang their hat on.

But the Restoring Honor rally has blasted that theme to bits. What the public saw was hundreds of thousands of fellow Americans (from all races) who look and talk just like them behaving in a peaceful, constructive, warm, neighborly manner.They saw no evidence of carpet chewing speakers, racist signs or language. There were no acts of violence or confrontation (even when Al Sharpton's marchers hove into view-much to the disappointment of the media no doubt).

The millions of television viewers would have heard constructive, non-political speeches (the Republican Party was nowhere to be seen which added greatly to the non-partisanship of the event) calling on a renewal of faith in America and faith in God. They would have seen a genuinely emotional, in his faith and patriotism, Glen Beck and a calm, intelligent Sarah Palin-not the "fascist or moron" the left has painted them to be. This coming face to face with reality will further inflame the great mass of common folks who can see they have been misled by the leftist supporting main stream media.

The Dem's last chance of having a theme to counter voter anger -that of creating doubt about the beliefs of the Republican candidates has been blasted to bits-their day of reckoning draws ever closer with no relief in site.

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