Sunday, August 22, 2010

WikiLeaks, Spy Accusations, And The Twisted Radical Liberal Mind Against Palin And The Right

The Wikileaks founder Julian Assange who published the leaked classified Afghan war documents and is currently under investigation by U.S. criminal prosecutors for "possibly encouraging the theft of government property" was the subject of a rape accusation in Sweden. Assange was in Sweden investigation using that country as a base for operations as there are laws protecting "whistle blowers" there.

Assange was the subject of a sexual activity, including suspicion of rape, complaint arrest warrant  brought by two women, which complaint was dropped by the prosecutors shortly after. Wikileaks took to Twitter to voice the concern of the possibility of a  plot "We were warned to expect "dirty  tricks" now we have the first one". Plot or no plot it is all good publicity for Wikileaks to hint they are the possible victims of a secret agency, albeit possibly The Keystone Cops.

Now, this may simply be an encounter of a personal nature between a man and two healthy, of age, young women which went wrong on an emotional basis-it happens ! It may be one of the clumsiest under cover operations to discredit someone ever undertaken-which also happens.What it is definitely is, in one of the follow on results, is yet another example of how warped the left wing mind has become.

That classic example of yellow journalism Gawker in their oh so clever coverage gave thanks that at last a sex element has been added to this story which shows the level of thinking of the "journalists' who pander the the immature young leftist mind.

In a comment about the Gawker screed (it would be unfair to call it an article) which is so typical of this elements thinking-so warped by it slavish support of the Democratic party and its "progressive' fringe"- is the concept that even if the charges are unfounded Assange should have expected to be targeted maliciously and is "likely to wake up dead (sic) one day".

There is another possibility posited by the Gawker commentator-that Assange is actually guilty and "an even worse scumbag that I thought he was before". There is a third possibility, to normal for the radical mind to conceive, that he is innocent and is simply being targeted maliciously by a couple of unhappy women who have no connection to spooks except in fevered imagination of radical leftists.

The comment section of leftists blogs is a stunning contrast in comparison with the general tenor of comments on right wing blogs. On the left there is a mountain of filth, invective, personal attacks, gross distortion, outright lies and any and all sort of frothing at the mouth products of neuroses that the saddest human minds can dredge up. What they say about Sarah Palin is the most disgusting of their vilest bile.

There are certainly elements on right wing blogs which can be sarcastic, wrong and down right unsavoury and there are from time to time elements which come near to matching the filth spewed on leftists blogs but the percentage, and no matter how small, it is always  to be decried by others on the right, is minuscule compared to the Everest on the left.

The Assange comments are just  one further example of the growing liberal neuroses. If the November results turn out dramatically unfavorable to the left there may be real reasons for concern as the the possibility of violence of the mind spilling into violence of the street.Certainly we have seen this sort of action, in the 1960's and at WTO meetings recently, and the left-not the humble Tea Party groups are more than capable of mass violence.

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