Friday, August 27, 2010

Letterman Finally Turns On Obama-Time Is Ripe For Palin To Do A Guest Spot.

I have written on a number of occasions that I thought it would be very positive for Sarah Palin to do a guest spot on Letterman's show.

I mentioned previously that subsequent to his initial burst of anti-Palin "jokes" which included the famous poor taste one regarding Palin's daughter Letterman had changed tack. He apologized, sincerely I believe, for any distress his crudeness had caused and invited Palin on the show. He has continued to make Palin wisecracks from time to time but that is all in the game and, apart from the negativity, it is nothing to be too worried about I believe for Palin or her supporters.

Since the election Letterman has very much been a water carrier for president Obama with the now and then light hearted banter about the White House. This in contrast to Jay Leno, who for some months now has had his finger on the pulse of the national mood, and has had some really sharp digs at Obama. Not having been as invested in Obama as much as Letterman has it has been easier for Leno to have made that transition.

However, a few weeks ago, when discussing an item about President Obama's early days in New York City and where he was living at that time, Letterman put up a satirical visual of the purported apartment block which had a sign "ONE TERM APARTMENTS".

This was the first real satire on Obama and the state of the country. Certainly Letterman has criticized the economic situation but he has not previously made the transition from the state of the country to blaming the president.

Letterman has finally crossed the Rubicon and made "has Letterman ever looked sadder" the first out and out attack on Obama advising that the president would have "plenty of time for vacations after he finished his one term".

With Letterman now joining Walter Cronkite as the person whom, when you lose them you have lost the country, and Letterman having seriously reduced his anti-Palin jokes to a now and then basis I believe it is time for Palin to go on his show.

As stated previously it could only put her in a good light as a person who forgives and forgets and doesn't bear grudges. It could give her a massive audience as millions would tune into see what would happen (the great reconciliation) and I believe  Letterman, grateful for the ratings boost, would be positive towards her in future routines.

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