Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kos Kids Krying Sounds Like A Celestial Chorus When Filtered Through Rightists Ears

I wrote that after 8 years of Bush bashing the radical left,many of whom would have know no other political environment, have been thrown back on their haunches now that they are on the receiving end of a dysfunctional administration and caustic political environment.

Sadly for them things are going from bad to worse.The publication of a Gallup poll showing the Republicans in an unprecedented lead with only two months to go has produced another session of wailing and gnashing of teeth. These sounds are, after having listened to eight years of self important, vindictive and cocky rants from the radical left, the sounds of an angelic choir-filtered through the rightist ear of common sense of course.

It is to be expected that even in their thrashing about in self pity and setting up their circular firing squad they still can't bring themselves to accept they may be at fault. "We're losing to.... a bunch of numbskulls!" is a perfect example of arrogance whilst falling off a cliff-quite a feat whilst "This is what a train wreck looks like" blames all their problems on "wingnuts" setting the dynamic

They are frankly pathetic in their self flagellation combined with lashing out at others  and not accepting blame for their own mistakes.A sorry, but frankly enjoyable spectacle.

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