Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Palin Or Romney-Whose Statements On the 9/11 Mosque Were More Courageous?

Sarah Palin has led the dialogue on the 9/11 Mosque concept and it might fairly be stated that her call to the President to state his position on the controversy led him to make the two, seemingly conflicting, statements which have led to a veritable firestorm.

Palin, once again, has taken a strong, clear position on a controversial matter and of all the possible 2012 candidates appears to be the one who is doing the heavy lifting for the Republican Party-and of course taking all the incoming flack (not that that bothers her).

To be fair to the other possible major voice in the 2012 scenario I detail below, in full so there is no possibility of bias or being accused of taking comments out of context, all the major announcements I could find by Romney regarding the Mosque situation, his strong and principled statements and all the subsequent media analysis.
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