Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kathleen Parker's Condescending, Elitist Arrogant Anti-Beck/Palin Column-Keep 'em Coming Lib Elite-Put Us In Our Place (Till November)

Kathleen Parker's column on the Beck/Palin rally hits new heights of liberal condescension. But that's OK. Let the lib's keep these coming, keep us ordinary common folks in our place. Show us that our faith, our emotions, our love of flag are just expressions of our addictions and foibles.

Apparently we are disaffected, easily taken for a ride by con men-our patriotism, and our clinging to our guns and religion, are markers which set us apart and below those who are part of the East Coast elite.

What we are too Kathleen is a vast majority 'The plain folks that Lincoln so loved"  as said William Jennings Bryan (oh the noses in the air of your predecessors in the East Coast elite at the mention of his name). We are the people of Carl Sandburg of Edgar Lee Masters, of Jackson and Jefferson and yes of Martin Luther King.

We have had quite enough thank you of being led into a ditch by "The One" and the Harvard elite you so look up to.Your class will see in just a few months the harvest they will reap from the chaff they have sown.

If one of our common folks, Sarah Palin receives the Republican nomination for 2012 you will enjoy months of columns dripping with the utmost level of sarcasm you can generate.

But we the people will have the final say. I Hope that when the change comes you will embark on your own 12 step program of recovering from the addiction of class antagonism.

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