Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Anatomy Of A Decline; Obama Now At 45% From 51%.Drops 4 points in 2 Days

Gallup and Rasmussen now both have President Obama at 45% and both have him in negative territory
by a 45/49.5 percentage.

A four point drop on Rasmussens poll in only two days.

This is exactly as predicted below and reflects what happens when the opportunity to be "mourner-in-chief" goes and actual decisions  which affect domestic and international relations have to be made from the golf course.
Expect further declines as the economy tanks under the oil inflation driven problems

Previous analysis February 5th

Gallup and Rassmussen now have Obama at 45.5% favorable.That is, as per below, a huge 6 point drop in Gallup from the 51% Gallup high point during the media frenzy for him in January. His unfavorables will shortly be NOW ARE in negative territory as well. It is clear that soaring speeches, and media love, can only carry an empty suit a short distance.

******************************************************Previous analysis: February 4th
Today's Gallup Poll has President Obama's approval rating at 48% and Rasmussen has it at 47%. Thus the tracking average of these two polls currently stands at 47.5% approval.

The Real Clear Politics tracking average of all the polling companies they follow has him below 50%, even with the silly television station polls like CNN's which has him at 55% and the even sillier polls from NBC (53%).

Once these have washed out of the tracking system, the RCP average will reflect the Gallup/Rass averages more closely.

Even with the liberal media returning to their fawning ways with their coverage of Obama's surrender to the GOP over extending the Bush tax cuts to all-which they spun as some sort of "Victory for the new age of amity" there has been no real positive movement for Obama.

Even following his "amongst the greatest speeches of healing of all time" over the Gifford’s tragedy and his SOTU speech "which received a 92% approval rating according to our poll" his approval rating never got over 50% in the Gallup/Rass tracking.

The very best he did, at the height of the Obama media frenzy, reminiscent of 2008, was Gallup 51% and Rasmussen 48.6 during the period of January 19-21 which averaged out at 49.8%.

Thus, as much as the media wanted the public to believe their "The Obama of old has his mojo back" it is all nonsense. Nothing has changed since November 2010-which will be further confirmed in November 2012

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