Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Poll: Vote For "The Least Inspiring President-Coolidge? Obama? Other On List?"

In these times of crisis The Golfer-In-Chief is setting new standards for lack of inspirational leadership. Ski holidays in Vail for the family, golfing weekends are de rigueur, whilst the world goes to hell in a hand basket .

Tunisia? No worries, Libya? Mr. Cool, Egypt? vacillation is the order of the day. Japan? Zzzzz

And the list goes on. Not since the days of "Keep Cool With Coolidge" have we seen such a hands off presidency. The inspiration of a Teddy Roosevelt? No way. The "I can hear you" of G.W. Bush at one of America's darkest hours? Not really. However, there is some strong competition for the most boring, uninspired, hands off presidency-and you get to choose, so cast your vote.

The most uninspiring president in history is:

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