Friday, March 4, 2011

When The Going Gets Going Palin's Rivals Fall Over Straight Out Of Starting Blocks

I have written that of all the 27-yes 27 "candidates" for the GOP the media have touted at one time or another in their relentless "anyone but Palin " campaign that in fact only Palin  would be able to get her message out relatively often.

That is, because the liberal media and blogosphere have shot all their arrows over the last two years or so and,to their amazement she is still standing tall, if she became the candidate there would be, relatively little they could attack her on with any credibility.Sure, they would try and use the Alinsky tactics and the repetitious "she's so dumb/a quitter" which has become a mantra that nobody, surely, takes any notice of. Here is the truth-the left is war weary in their battle with Palin and the month "moratorium" was a sure and certain sign of capitulation.

" The people over at reported, “A liberal group, apparently frustrated with all the attention its nemesis keeps getting, is promoting “Ignore Sarah Palin Week,” urging like-minded souls to change the channel or surf to another Web page whenever the ubiquitous former governor of Alaska pops up.” They then reported the group in saying, “We’ve tried debating her, arguing with her, boycotting her, voting against her, and yet . . . she keeps coming back.”

On the other hand the putative 26 would, if any one were once safely nominated with the help of the liberal media as "a safe pair of hands centrist" be torn to shreds, as we saw with McCain, as scandals,whether true or not,as we saw with McCain, diversions outright lies and the whole 9 yards would be thrown at them and their message would be lost in the mud.

Unfortunately for their plans the candidates are tripping  up as they leave, or enter the starting blocks, and all by themselves are winnowing out the field.

Thune, a real media darling, gave up before he started, Daniels who was, and still is in some quarters, the subject of a real media beat up with major articles praising him, has waffled on policy, unions, morality and actually running and his balloon has deflated as quickly as it rose.

The media have so pressed Christie to run that he has become a gasbag, pontificating on other candidates, especially Palin from the vantage of his brief tenure so far. He could be well assured that if he got the nomination he would be so lampooned that even his apparent thick skin would wilt under the pressure and even one intemperate outburst would see him condemned as a "hothead'.

Huckabee has, for reasons known only to himself, entered the media arena lately with odd comments on, of all people, Natalie Portman, America's current sweetheart, and seems content to continue on as a Fox commentator. Gingrich has stuttered out of the starting blocks and, just as I expected, as soon as he made his announcement of an "exploratory" campaign he has been the subject of substantial criticism and satire which is only a small taste of what will follow.

Huntsman is being attacked by a New Hampshire GOP bigwig before he even gets one foot in front of the other, Romney  has been ceaselessly sniped at by the rightist activists but left alone by the media. Nothing is more obvious than that he is their "McCain" and the GOP would nominate him at their peril. 

Surely nobody believes that the erstwhile media darling Barbour, another who self destructed before getting out of the starting blocks, would last 5 minutes after getting the nomination before the ridicule and chants of "racist" would begin?

In the meantime Palin sails blithely on, ignoring the media, who have done her a substantial favor with their "Palin free month" which served the dual purpose of her being able to speak without too much distortion ensuing, and letting the public see exactly what sort of mad campaign the media has been running against her.

The field is doing its self-winnowing and it is clear that if the Palin/Huckabee support amongst the grass roots coalesces behind Palin then she is unstoppable-both by the "26" and the left wing media.

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