Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Which For James O'Keefe-Pulitzer Prize Or Congressional Medal Of Honor?

                                                         James O'Keefe-American Hero

Quite a dilemma for those whose task it is to choose which honors go to which person as the singular case of James O'Keefe has so many positive aspects to it.

Should O'Keefe be honored by Congress for the vast amount of money he has saved the taxpayer through his exposure of the corruption at ACORN and the subsequent de-funding? If, as is likely NPR is also de-funded the case for this high honor becomes inescapable. His investigation of Census supervisors who encouraged pay-by-the-hour workers to falsify their time sheets, costing taxpayers an estimated $10,000,000. 

On the other hand O'Keefe's services to journalism in the highest tradition of American exposure of corruption is also a singular achievement-even the ultra-liberal Jon Stewart admitted O'Keefe's ACORN exposure was a remarkable piece of investigative journalism.

Now,with the exposure of the liberal, elitist, anti-Semitic slant at NPR O'Keefe has taken journalism to new heights.

There is one simple solution to this remarkable quandary-honor O'Keefe with both awards.

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