Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The World In Turmoil-Obama On The Golf Course And Polling 42%

Forget "Hope and Change" how about simple old fashioned leadership. The "Too cool for you"  worked well on the 2008 campaign trail but in the presidency-not so much.

Libya/Egypt/Bahrain/Japan/The Dow/Inflation/Energy/EU PIIGS possible collapse and a host of other problems have an uninspired, hands off vision less leadership from the White House.

Time for a step up from the President or the Rasmussen poll which today shows him one point away from his all time low at 42% will slide inexorably. 

Who could imagine a president McCain (or Sarah Palin) being so out of the picture and not taking an inspirational lead in this time of crisis in the American spirit and the world.

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