Monday, March 7, 2011

Ryan Easily Wins Wisconsin '12 Poll.If Palin's VP He Brings Electoral College Win

The Hill has an analysis of a PPP poll showing that Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan is way ahead of his putative rivals in that state if he was a candidate for president in 2012.

The poll gives Ryan 30% of the vote in a big field but way ahead of Mike Huckabee who comes in in second place at 17%. Since Ryan has strongly advised he will not be a candidate there are a number of interesting scenario's that arise from the poll.

Firstly, as has been the case for many months the combined Palin/Huckabee support (with Ryan removed from the poll is 38% to Romney's 12% which proves, once again, that the grass roots-even in this traditionally liberal state, want a conservative candidate (which of course Ryan is also).

Secondly if Ryan was selected by Palin, should she get the nomination, as her VP choice, bearing in mind Palin has often singled out Ryan for praise, especially his economic "road map" which she quotes often (and Ryan has not denied he would take the VP slot, rather he has in fact left that door open) then a very interesting electoral college map appears.

If Wisconsin is added to the base red states and Palin won back the red states that Bush had one but McCain lost the following electoral path to victory is very real.
Palin could afford to lose Nevada/New Mexico/New Hampshire/Virginia and even Iowa and the one Nebraskan Electoral College vote that Obama won- and still win.

Palin and Ryan appear very compatible in economic matters and he would lend a degree of gravitas to that area.The base accepts him and he has youthful exuberance allied with respected experience.According to the electoral map it is a winning combination.

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