Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Zealand Earthquake City Sex Workers "Run Off Feet" Australian Relief Volunteers "Big Tippers"

Out of tragedy there are always inspiring human interest stories of courage and sacrifice but it appears that there are also stories of business opportunities that might not usually come to mind.
The New Zealand media reports that the sex workers in earthquake struck Christchurch are experiencing a boom time!

"Christchurch's prostitutes have been run off their feet in the wake of last month's deadly earthquake, as out-of-town 

earthquake relief workers seek their own relief.

Sex worker Candice, 24, said she had been busier than ever 
servicing search-and-rescue staff, builders, and even two New 
South Wales police officers, The Press reported.

She had made an average of $700 a night since returning two 
nights after the February 22 quake and on her best night she had 
made $1400, she said.
"In three years, I've never made this much before. The foreign 
ones are the best -- they pay the most."
Another sex worker, Mary, who lost her house in the quake, said 
she had also been very busy.

"It's their way of dealing with it. If they can get some relief, "

Well good for them and at $700 a day that will help pay the bills for sure. 

Not only are they doing a bang up job but are also providing an excellent opportunity for puns-to wit

"Did the earth move for them"
"Exactly how big are the Australians tips"
"Will they get an invitation to the policeman's ball?"

And many more I am sure-which you are of course invited to contribute in the comments section.

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