Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Left Rants About NPR Sting But Forgets Anti-Semitic Element-But ADL Reminds Them

The left, caught out once again by their arch nemesis James O'Keefe, and oh how it must hurt  the radical leftist Kos Kids that one of their age group is so doing what they would want to do, in their wildest fantasies (for the left of course).

When the NPR scandal first broke the leftist blogs like Kos and the disgusting  Wonkette went into "it's utterly boring" and of no consequence mode. Then when the first Schiller resigned they started ranting about how all he said, as a private person no less, was 100% true.It appears that every member of the Tea party is a racist, gun toting and and anti-Islam fanatic.

Now that Schiller number two has gone, their ranting has reached fever pitch-clearly they know they have an unspinnable situation and are trying to cover it up by appealing to their base with the venom that only the left can unleash.

Firedoglake, one of the more execrable leftist blogs is a classic of spin which is so disingenuous it makes them, and their readers look fools.

With all their rants one aspect of the original Schiller case is left unspoken-the fact that , according to the sting clip, when the "Muslims" said that NPR was a Palestinian front and that the Jews control the media he did not make any response.

Well too bad for the left that the ADL has come out strongly attacking exactly this element and has demanded that Schiller issue an apology-there is nothing the left can do to counter this Jewish groups righteous anger at the slight and their whole case is blown.

The left has only two options. Firstly to start attacking NPR-which they have commenced doing "they are weak and cave in and etc, and of course the biggest defence they could mount would be to, somehow, some way, tie Sarah Palin into their debacle. Impossible? Not for the left-when it come to Palin as the person who drives them insane, they will find a way you mark y words.

In the meantime for those on the right if they check out the Memeorandum list of comments from leftist blogs there is so much to savor-a great day.

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